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Sovak's oeuvre is a vast universe of timeless beauties consisting of prints, drawings, paintings, collages and photographs. Each work, carefully executed and color-balanced, is distinguished by mastery of craft techniques and the highest mastery of craft techniques and the highest quality.
But despite technical perfection, the philosophically inclined artist is able to give the works, which are never a reflection of our reality, a deeper level of meaning. Whether landscapes, deserts, cityscapes, skyscrapers or photographic moments - they all transport us into worlds full of memory and imagination.

Pravoslav Sovak

Artist, man, work and appreciation

He was one of the most outstanding Czech artists of the present. For decades his works were present in renowned exhibitions worldwide and were purchased by important museums and collections. Renowned scholars and authors paid tribute to him and his award-winning, independent work in numerous publications and essays.

Life equals art - art equals life

Over 8 decades of creativity
Important collections and museums
Honors, tributes and quotes

You can buy individual works of art from Sovak's oeuvre. Look at the selection in the store and order the desired work.

Words miss the substance of the images,
what is said cannot be what is seen.
Sense of the sentences is not sense of the picture.
That's why we need the pictures.
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