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Studio of Pravoslav Sovak

A quiet refuge

The former residence of Pravoslav Sovak housed a spacious, wonderfully bright studio, which allowed views of his own garden as well as into the distance. A quiet refuge that the artist had created for himself here. Where he spent thousands and thousands of hours implementing idea after idea, changing them or discarding them. Where there were many mementos, utensils, prepared or already finished works. It was a special place full of stories and history that opens to us in the memory...

The studio

Reflections on a former creative space that no longer exists
Daylight flows generously from the east, west and north into the spacious, L-shaped room through large panes and cleverly arranged, ceiling-high window strips. Easels, work tables, storage compartments, storage cabinets, shelves, chests of drawers and small boxes provide well-distributed space for what has already been created, for what has been revised, for what has been conceived. Utensils of all kinds, ready for drawing and painting, reflect everywhere creative creativity. It is a wonderful, light space between inside and outside, which allows views of nature lost in thought, only to be reminded in the next moment of the purpose for which it was actually created and furnished.
Certain things remain for life, little things, the memories of a smile. Of course, everything happens in the subconscious - the path is not secured.

Sovak, Pravoslav: "Art is not a car that can be developed further. Pravoslav Sovak in Conversation with Oliver Prange," in Du. The Journal of Culture, no. 850 (2014), pp. 43-48, here: S. 44.

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