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Portfolio "Indirect Messages

Events in Prague 1968

This portfolio work with 16 this time square sheets from the years 1970 to 1972 in the techniques color etching, vernis mou, aquatint, drypoint, partially watercolored in an edition of 99 copies reflects Sovak's examination of the events in Prague and Czechoslovakia in 1968; this time, however, in an indirect, universal as well as universally valid statement on political grievances, events and human existences.

In addition, Sovak integrates - in a collage-like manner - the motif of skyscrapers as well as scenic elements such as desert and seashore, as he knows them from his travels in the USA, alongside graphic-gridded elements. In this way he already anticipates subsequent groups of works. In 1972 the Rehn Gallery in New York showed Indirect Messages for the first time, which was subsequently acquired by the Museum of Modern Art.

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