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Watercolors and gouaches

Sovak's championship

Harmoniously distributed colored spots in the finest nuances or precisely defined areas of color in watercolor or gouache as well as clear as well as geometrically drawn structures, grids, nets or grids in pencil or ink begin to spread across the paper from the late 1960s, predominantly in the 1970s, whereby the technical as well as motivic possibilities of variations on themes such as "city" and "desert" seem to know no bounds in the next two decades.

Sovak's mastery in the field of drawing and watercolor grew over the next decades: from the 1970s/80s he drew grids of the finest vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines over watercolor surfaces or geometric-abstract patterns: "Yes, structure is essential for me. Also, to bring something into a structure" (PS, cat. Mannheim, p. 8).

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